B&D Design-A-Door™

You can have your very own Designer Garage Doors to match and even enhance the look of your frontage – whether your style is wood finish or aluminium framing, or even when you need a door that suits your garage’s limited headroom or your home’s insulation system.

You can have the best high quality designer garage door that can transform or complement the appearance and style of your home.



  • These Design-A-Doors are customised doors that can dramatically and uniquely transform the aesthetic appearance of your home.
  • It is constructed with lightweight durable aluminium frame and complemented with an extensive range of insert options, finishes and slats that are powder coated with a vast range of colour.
  • It also comes with a wide range of ventilation options.

Timber Door

  • You can experience a stunning designer garage door with the natural beauty and texture of a hard wood finish that brings out the pleasant warm appeal to any home.
  • Tailor made from high quality affordable strong frame and exquisitely finished natural hard wood timber give the Timber Door its strength, durability and beauty.


  • A designer garage door that is a great alternative and replacement for tilt doors and it is also applicable for garage and carports with limited headroom.
  • Available in a wide range of colour, quiet and easy to lift with powerful springs, safe to use and special security features.


  • This especially-made designer garage door is a perfect choice to maintain the warm and cool temperature of your home, and it helps lower your heating and cooling cost.
  • A total insulated door system that prevents air migration, built with durable insulated panels and heavy duty hinges, it also serves as an acoustic screen for unwanted noise.
B&D Designer Garage Door