B&D AutomaticsĀ®

Our Automatic Garage Doors are fitted with powerful yet quiet motors to deliver soft operation that reduces stress on the door, comes with remote and phone control for your convenience when you are at work or out of the house. All autos feature Tri-tran + mutli frequency technology, which offers advanced security and no interference.

Automatic garage doors reduce the stress not only on the door, but also on yourself as you are given access to the door from wherever you are.



  • Powered by a heavy duty 1000N motor
  • Ultra quiet belt drive that delivers soft start reducing stress to the door, provides automatic courtesy LED lights, Premium Remote Control and Wall Mount Remote Control and optional smartphone control.


  • It runs with a powerful heavy duty 1000N motor with flexibility to deliver soft start and stop action and smooth reliable control with varied speed and power output according to the type of door.
  • Provided with automatic LED courtesy light along with Premium Remote Control and Wall Mount Remote Control, with optional smartphone control kit that can let you monitor your automatic garage door from your work or any place.

Control-A-Door S

  • It is powered by a smooth, hard working efficient 800N motor that results in a smooth and reliable automatic garage door with soft start and stop action.
  • Includes Premium Remote Controls and Wall Mount Remote Control.

Controll-A-Door Power Drive: For Your Roller Door

  • Our most popular automatic garage door is powered by a quiet 600N motor
  • Provides soft start and stop movement that reduces stress on the door and comes with Premium Remote Control and Wall Mount Remote Control.
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