B&D Panelift® & Panelift® Icon™

If you want the latest safety features for your home garage our Panelift & Panelift Icon Doors can provide the long-lasting security you require for a stress-free lifestyle, where your family can enjoy accident-free and smooth noise-free garage door operation.

Our Panelift & Panelift Icon doors for your garage are designed with advanced high quality special features that guarantee home protection and customer satisfaction.

B&D Panelift® Icon™

Our Panelift Icon doors for your garage are designed with advanced technology and auto-lock action to protect and secure your home from the harsh Australian climate and keep out any unwanted visitors.


B&D Auto-lock technology

  • This smart keyless technology allows you to lock your garage door every time you close it using nothing but your regular remote control.
  • ​The lock more than doubles the force required at the lock point to lift the door from a closed position, helping protect your home and loved ones.
  • Auto-Lock comes standard on B&D Panelift® Icon™ and is available as an optional extra on B&D Panelift® garage doors.

Noise-free features

  • Smooth Track™ and twin wheel system technology, operating on a custom designed track will ensure your garage door operates with less-friction and more-efficient power transfer, allowing for smoother and quieter operation.

Design and durability features

  • Weather seals - 360 degree perimeter weather seals help prevent dust and insects from entering the garage.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel cables that will ensure your door continues to operate for years come.
  • Panelift Icon offers a Luxe Design color option, designed & installed by our well-trained professionals, these doors will perfectly reflect the style of your home

B&D Panelift®

Our Panelift doors are the ultimate "Do-Not-Disturb" garage doors. Their smooth and quite operation, are the result of custom design fittings to properly secure and protect your home.


Safety features

  • ​Finger safe from both outside and inside reinforcing rail end caps to protect against cuts and eliminate the possibility of fingers getting accidentally caught between the panels.

Noise-free features

  • ​The panelift doors are built with nylon hinges, ball bearing nylon wheels, and nylon curve which greatly reduce noise and provide a quieter and smoother operation.
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